duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Rambling post

Why do I insist on buying Mrs. Stylebook? I don't understand how to use a sloper. I don't know how to draft one. I don't read Japanese and the thought of drafting anything scares me.

Yet, I have bought the second Mrs. Stylebook for the year at $15 a pop. I am just so inspired by it. I sleep with the mag under my pillow hoping something will seep through. I make nice with the half Japanese half Mexican gentleman who speaks Japanese and Spanish at my job because when I see him, I see Patrones on the left and Mrs. Stylebook on the right being translated in exchange for an endless supply of Starbucks.

But, I digress. I've got a windfall of sewing goodies to show!

The Neue Mode pattern is in.

Loads of things from the Joann sale. 50 percent off the notions wall! Including new McCall's Patterns (dude, #5468 is really a Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan look alike) and lots of interfacing.

These eBay presser feet came in. I was sold on the tucker but am kind of excited by all the hemmers. Have no idea how they will attach to my machine.....
I've got this skirt all cut out and ready to sew.

But, no sewing tonight. I had to do a ship thing again. This time it was a war frigate in from Norway down in Fell's Point. Very, very good champagne. And very tall, very blonde people. Very blonde. Like everyone. Over 6 ft tall. I, felt like a midget.

The champagne helped dull the pain of my hepatits A, meningitis and yellow fever shots. Son of a .... my arms feel like they are going to fall off. Six week course of malaria pills to come.