duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Bustin' Out All Over

I left for work yesterday very proud of my dressform. Trena and I had filled our forms with about four cans of expanding can insulation the day before. My dressform was solid and smooth and honestly better than what I could have found in the store. When I came home last night, it was clear that she had put on some weight. She was busting out all over. Look at the lower back.

The Plumber (ex) was over because he asked to see my 'doll'. He started laughing uncontrollably as he told me can insulation continues to grow for TWO DAYS. I call Nicegirl. "Does your dressform have goiters?" I shreak. An affirmative reply.

We lament. There is still laughing from The Plumber who offers to take a knife to her bulges and perform 'plastic surgery'.

I point out that the dressform will now not stand up straight and keeps falling down because she bulged from the bottom. He finds some similarity to what I'm like when I've had more than one glass of wine.

I ask if he will take her in to the shop and use the table saw to trim the bottom. He conveniently loses his hearing and sense of humor.

I decide to just peel off the paper tape. If she's going to be saved it needed to come off anyway. While the waist is now two inches too big, the rest of my measurements are pretty close. So, she may be saved. But, we may do it again and leave 24 hours between each can of foam.


Schematics on how to make our convertible dressform stand are up on the Slapdash Sewist.