duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Parka fabric suggestions, a roundup

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the BWOF August parka. I am 100 percent in love with this design. I must qoute Erica B. She said, "I'd pray for rain just to wear that."

Here's a list of the fabric suggestions:

Nylon tech fabric -- Suzie
Ripstop -- Suzie
Wrinkled taffeta -- Tany
Poplin -- Madhatter
Ripstop Cotton -- Julie
Tafetta or firm satin -- Patisjean
Parachute -- Vonnevo
Tech fabric -- Toby

I have to say I had never heard of ripstop. But, it sounds like what my parachcute pants from the mid 80s were made from. I think mine were blue. With many zippers. I really don't know what I was thinking... Trena and I saw a pair this weekend for sale. Styles are already recycling.

Thanks for the fabric suggestions. I was really at a loss for what to look for! These are all on my NYC fall fabric shopping list.

And the preview of the parka is up on BWOF page.