duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Is that me? Seriously, that's what I look like?


Okay kids. Nicegirl/Trena drove up from WDC Saturday morning and it was a great great day. We walked to the Farmer's Market and grilled pizza outside before getting down to business: paper tape dress form.

I vamped because it felt like an 80s t-shirt dress.

I altered a t-shirt so it would fit snugly, cover my rear and go past my collar bone. I wore ready-to-be tossed panties in case they got cut coming out of the tape. I also wore my best bra from Victoria's Secret. Trena taped the back of it with clear packing tape since I had snipped her bra during the cutting out process. Whoops.

We used paper packing tape from Staples. $8 a roll. One roll covered both of us. Do this with someone who won't mind fondling you. Thank goodness Trena is a NiceGirl because she is now intimate with every bulge and curve of my body.

Why so goofy? I dunno.

Start with under the bust and above the bust. Use diagonal strips for the curvy parts. Do two two layers for sturdiness. Clip into the paper tape to get it to conform more. Use a sponge or spray bottle to moisten the paper. We both sprayed down with water when we were done to smooth things out.

Here I am on the left. And it's me from the bust to the waist. It's so bizarre to see your body like this! I even tried to suck in a little when Trena was taping my belly and she made a tooth sucking sound heard round the world.

We had to stop early and power nap because I had a work event to attend that night. After work function, we had tapas at Pazo. The beautiful pink necklace is a gift from Trena. I saw it on her Etsy site and she brought it up for me! We were supposed to go dancing at Sky Lounge after Pazo, but I claimed exhaustion. It was already 11:20 p.m. and I was pooped. Remember, up since 5:30 cleaning!


The forms dried over night. We started our morning with mango (me) and pear (Trena) bellinis at my favorite place for brekky over in Patterson Park. Then to Joann's, Hope Depot and the Walters for the Gee's Bend exhibit.

We came back to finish up the forms. The biggest problem with mine is that it was too big everywhere but my saggy bust. So I overlapped to get the waist correct and need to pad out the hips by three inches. I'm also going to recut some PVC to make it a little taller. I still have to make a snug knit top for it.

Note the nifty base we designed. Trena's gonna blog about that and how to fill out the dress form over at the Slapdash Sewist. Don't let her fool you either. There was nothing slapdash about the schematic she drew up for the base. I will tell you, we made it so it can be free form [hanging from the top for pants] or set up with the pole coming from the bottom.

I had a great time with Nicegirl and can't wait to do it again. You know you like someone if you can spend two days with them and they don't tap dance on your last nerve.